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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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london. as for what we saw last night, wow, she has really captivated the country and a lot of fans around the world. 16 years old we mentioned. she moved away from home when she was 14, left virginia and moved to iowa to train at a specialized gymnastics facility. she wins gold in the all around competition for the team, and last night she wins gold in the individual. gabby douglas, team usa's golden girl. >> it feels amazing to be called the olympic champion. and so many hard work and effort and passion and determination in the gym every day you have to push it every day. and definitely feels amazing. i'm so honored to be named that. >> from one olympic legend, growing olympic legend to an established olympic legend. michael phelps. he does it again. he said a year and a half ago he lost his motivation and
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training. he got it back. he wins the 200 meter individual medley for another gold medal, so right now michael phelps, 20 medals in his career. and his career, olympic career, is coming to an end. >> i think once it's all over it's going to really hit me emotionally. and you know, i think watching my mom up in the stands you know, i spot them after every race, and you know, i know for my mom especially it's very emotional for her. i'm the last phelps to come through. >> reporter: the olympics whether you win or lose or get a medal or not it's an emotional time. for michael phelps, 20 olympic medals, he has one more event today t butterfly. we'll see if it's 21. that's going to do it from london. see you later this morning. >> so much fun seeing his mom. >> momma phelps pouring her
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heart out every stroke. she got what she wanted. more to come. a judo fighter's battle may be away from the mat. >> the saudi newspapers report the 18-year-old woman may be in trouble at home for wearing a modified head scarf in front of male spectators during a match. the teenager is one of the first two women to compete at the olympic games for the conservative gulf kingdom. there are concerns that she will be injured in today's fight. the teenager holds a blue belt. her oppose snent a black belt ranked 24th in the world. this year marks the first time in olympic history that every country competing will include female athletes. >> in case you haven't gotten enough excitement there is more this weekend at the 2012 games. coming up tonight, you do not want to miss the men's and women's gold medal swimming finals and track and field, diving and volleyball. always a full slate from london. on saturday more swimming finals taking place as well as track
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and field finals and the beach volleyball elimination round. then on sunday, women's divingsing, more track and field, gold medal finals. >> always your source for all things olympics. click on that olympics tab, scroll down and then click on the viewing guide. you can look up events by sport or by viewing time, then you'll find the online listings. you know where to find it here >> new this morning, good news for bike riders. art will launch a pilot project extending access on trains for bicycles. we'll check in with christie smith gathering information for us in oakland where the first test will come during this morning's rush hour. good morning, christie. >> good morning. happy friday. this is a big change for b.a.r.t. and b.a.r.t. riders. starting this morning and every friday this month if you're
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riding b.a.r.t. in the peak commute morning and evening there is a good chance there will be somebody with a bike on the train. b.a.r.t. is seeking feedback on this. what they are asking riders is does this work for you or not. ultimately this could end up changing the rules, loosening them up for bikes on b.a.r.t. normal hi bikes are not allowed in the commute direction from 7:00 a to 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening. but as cycling is more popular b.a.r.t. is looking at easing the restrictions but this is a first. >> a lot of potential and that's part of the reason we're doing thepy it through see, one, if it works f we can accommodate bikes and two, do we see more folks with bikes. >> reporter: i asked when we spoke with the folks at b.a.r.t. are they adding extra trains for this and they said no so. everyone's going to have to get on the usual number of trains,
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that's the latest reporting live in oakland, "today in the bay." >> we're getting our look at a woman police say injured two police officers trying to escape. 42-year-old lisa hernandez accused of ramming one police cruiser, then attempting to run down a second officer during a traffic stop. hernandez allegedly sped toward the officers as they approached her car. police intentionally rammed the woman's car to stop about it two miles away near galveston avenue and workfield way. hernandez now is in jail on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, felony dui and possession of pcp. both injured police officers were treated at local hospitals, they are now recovering at home. >> san jose's police chief says he has no intention of resigning key spite calls for a vote of no confidence from some of his officers. they say chief chris moore is
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out of touch for the department and blame him in part for low morale on the force. the police officers association board is expected to consider a vote of no confidence at its tuesday meeting next week. in the meantime, the city manager who is the only person who has the power to fire moore says her support for him remains strong. >> i have tremendous confidence in chief moore. i'm sorry that he is confronting this, i am disappointed but i have the utmost confidence that he is professional and he will continue to work with all of the stake holders even those who might be turning their backs on him during this difficult time. >> off camera other officers disagreed with the vote calling it a political tactic by a small group. >> a south bay real estate agent is now behind bars. she's accused of scamming more than a dozen people 18in a ponz
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scheme. stephanie chuang is where jill sillvi is being held. >> reporter: good morning. she is being held here on $3 million bail. accused of scamming more than a dozen people out of more than $1 million. one of the alleged victims is someone who says she considered silvy one of her best friends. she was a -- she was a dedicated customer at the store but now she is one of 13 people accused of tricking. the district attorney says she got monthly interest payments in return. the homeowners didn't know about these loans and that instead she was forging signatures and pocketing the money to spend on two luxury suvs and remodeling her home, money that people like
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robido will likely never get back. >> no boundaries. that's the sad part. she would steal from anybody, didn't matter. >> reporter: police arrested the 50-year-old on june 27 after investors not getting payments decided to contact the homeowners directly. the deputy d.a. says several of the homeowners are elderly and these are people that silve met from 2005-2011. she could face up to 31 years in prison if convicted of all 44 counts that she's facing, moisture for forgery and grand theft. she is due back in court monday where she is likely going to enter a plea. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> 5:10. it's a go for a proposed islamic community center in san martin. the planning commission has voted to approve plans to build the center including plans for two buildings, a prayer hall,
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play ground and cemetery on 15 acres off of monterey avenue. those critical of the project packed yesterday's final meeting. the main concern for neighbors was construction that could contaminate ground water. the supporters assured the commission they would build a green cemetery. >> correct me if i'm wrong you did say it's friday. that means the weekend is here. that's a beautiful thing. christina loren is here to tell us how beautiful outside it will be. >> it's going to be nice especially if you have been too hot. temperatures are going to drop off by 5 to 8 degrees. even more so as we head to the weekend. 57 to start out in oakland. temperatures are going to be crisp for the first part of the day, turning on the hot side later on. the good news is weerl see the breeze build. coming out of the west carrying the cool ocean air so you look to the key, you see the blues,
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the yellows, that's an indication of 10 to 20 miles per hour winds later on today. a little on the breezy side. comfortable around here. at noon, 78 degrees, 89 at 4:00 p.m. down from 98 degrees in almost. so significant cooling for you inland. the cavat more cloud cover at the coast. you might be driving using the wipers from time to time. let's check on the drive. >> let's check on the drizzle as well. we're looking at 101 north of 37 through novato. there's construction in the area as 37 approaches 101 and toward abston avenue. and the mist and drizzle, i can access this, fog data, through petaluma, this will be a factor, building before it clears over. a live look outside will show you the traffic across. you can see the high rise but the haze of low clouds hovering
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may affect you along the coast. >> it's 5:12. the question is are this rough waters ahead. lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond.
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>> welcome back. the patent trial of the century resumes. apple is trying to prove that samsung copies its idea for the iphone and ipad. scott says samsung lawyers better come to court ready to be contrite. >> yes. good morning. the lawyers have been on the wrong side of the judge over the last couple of days, the federal judge expressed her annoyance that samsung lawyers are talking to reporters about evidence she said should not be in court. samsung argues what they talk about outside of court doesn't count. early in the trial she even
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warned samsung lawyers to stop fidgeting so much when apple was talking. judge coe upheld a previous ruling that samsung couldn't show this movie clip to jurors from 2001. in the clip it shows one of the astronauts using what appears to be a tablet computer. the argument being that the tablets are not a new idea. it's jobs friday. in a few minutes the labor department will release the number of jobs gained. don't break out the party hats. nobody expecting anything to celebrate. let's look ahead to the trading day. jackie deangelis is live. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. the question i have is do investors dislike facebook, the stock plunging to a low of $19.82 per share yesterday. the facebook frenzy has fizzled for the moment. the stock price is down almost 50% since its initial public offering. and linkedin, the biggest
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professional networking media site reported earnings on revenue of 228.2 million. this was compared to wall street's estimates of $216.5 million. shares were trading up in late trading the stock up more than 45% on the year. >> jackie, have a great weekend. we're 13 minutes away from the job numbers. we'll have them in a bit. >> we'll reserve the party horns then. we'll save them for the olympics. >> 5:17. more from the london olympics. remember back in the beijing games this guy usain bolt considered the fastest man in the world. this weekend we'll find out if he'll do more of that lightning bolt running, maybe a gold medal or a world record. >> bob redell is set to find out how fast he really is. that one man who says bolt is about to hit the human speed limit. >> even a bolt of lightning has its limits.
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>> usain bolt is a great showman but it's three years now since he broke the world record. >> to break his record of 9.58 seconds usain bolt would almost have to violate the laws of nature. according to a professor. >> the prediction is 9.48. >> by his calculations, 9.48 seconds is the fastest man can run in 100 meters. >> running that kind of speed is sort of inhuman anyway. >> no kidding. if you were to clock usain bolt with your car the speedometer would briefly top out at around 27 miles an hour. >> i go back to history. >> he bases it on historical running time. and a formula that takes about as much time to write as a person walking the 100 meters. >> it lets you predict rare
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events. >> realized i think this is a c. >> no, it's 1 over -- >> you think there is a human speed limit? >> yeah, but i think it's -- >> chase better than 9.48. >> i take it personally. you put a limit on it like that's a target. >> people don't like to hear that. people assume that things are always can get better, faster. at some point they can't. >> the professor said look at horton. they haven't gotten faster. dogs since the 1970s. women since the 1980s. >> you expect men to plateau in the next 10 to 20 years. >> i would love to have usain bolt or anybody do better than that. just so we know the human body can do something unpredictable. >> bob redell, "today in the bay." >> pretty cool way to look at it.
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usain bolt. sbob a classic. what's happening, young lady? >> a good looking morning for a jog or a run. good morning to you. it's always easier to watch it on tv here on nbc. proud home of the summer games. and we're going to get that action started at 9:00. starting with this live look here, beautiful conditions over san jose. it's clear and crisp out there. great time for walking that dog as the sun comes up. let's get right to it. temperatures are comfortable. 54 in confran. and 54 degrees to start you out in novato and san francisco, 61 in sunnyvale. that's comfortable if you want to do outdoor activities it will get on the hot side later on. but you probably don't need your ac in the south bay with 82 degrees is the forecasted high. high pressure still in control. the jet stream has taken a drop to the south and for us what that means is we're going to see cooler conditions, courtesy of a
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stronger on shore flow. we'll see coastal low clouds and as a result the westerly wind will carry in the cool ocean breeze. a nice evening, great evening to make outdoor barbecue plans. a gorgeous sunset. 68 in san francisco, 80 in redwood city, and in san jose, 82 degrees, not too shabby. 89 degrees in livermore. average is 88. then we fall below as we head to saturday, sunday, the low to mid 80s return and the upper 80s, a little hotter through next week but not too bad. no extremes, no record-breaking heat. just the low 90s as we head into the middle of next week. here's mike. >> looking at saturday and sunday that looks great for fremont. we'll be at the festival. a lot of folks here westbound, the commute slowing into the 50s out of the altamont pass.
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the dublin interchange, close to the limit as you approach 680. your slowing kicking in at the interchange. a live look outside shows you spots for the east bay. north through oakland, no slowing from the coliseum to downtown, no backup at the bay bridge. on the foster city side of the san mateo bridge. we're losing the east bay w low clouds creeping in but the travel moving smoothly. there are more cars now, the volume picking up. a live shot from 101 under the interchange northbound, your commute direction starting to pick up but in the 50s and 60s even north, 680 we see the volume with that burst. >> thanks so much. 5:22. the sailing competition with no competitors. we'll tell you why lackluster interest could sink the america's cup race.
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>> welcome back. it's 5:25 on the nose. looks like the oracle racing team is not going to have a lot of competition defending the america's cup trophy next summer. four challengers meeting the deadline to enter the yacht race in san francisco next year. as many as 14 sailing teams had expressed interest but apparently the sluggish world economy is partly to blame for the low turnout. organizers insisting that san francisco can expect a big time economic boost of about $1 billion and 8,000 new jobs. >> a piece of military history that's been a long time secret on treasure island. bay ship and yacht recently bought the hughes mining barge from the navy. it's a submersible barge. while it's getting a lot of attention the fascinating part
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is what is inside. the barge is holding the declassified sea shadow, a ship secretly built in the bay area during the cold war. it will be used as a dry dock. >> interesting. 5:26. let's get back to meteorologist christina loren to find out what's happening. the weekend's coming. >> it's a feel good friday as you like to call it jon kelley. temperatures are so comfortable out there for any outdoor activities. throughout the day it's not going to be too hot especially when you consider we hit 98 inland yesterday. today 89 degrees at 4:00. 79 bay side. 68 at the coast. change is around the corner for the all important weekend. first, let's check your drive. >> looking around the corner, a lot of corners around the maze. we have construction crews, getting ready to make the move away from the roadway which may cause slowing. we have the single bore and the
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distraction for some. speeds just above 55. oakland, no dip in the speeds despite construction fruitvale up to fifth. watch for traffic breaks. i'll warn you if they tell me about them. back to you. >> 5:27. still ahead i guess we can call her golden gabby. that's america's sweetheart. the new one crowned an olympic champion. >> she is excited about it. how can you not be. it's been a great set of london games. a live look at the caldron burning at the olympic stadium.
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>> new this morning the july jobs report just coming into our newsroom. we'll tell if you the economy is sluggish or surging just ahead. scott mcgrew along to crunch the number. >> mary lou, nastia and now gabby. >> a gorgeous day in the golden state. temperatures have dropped to the 80s inland. 70s bay side, 60s at the coast.
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changes we'll take through in the full forecast. >> that visibility could be an issue for some. we're watching the north bay. i'll show you the the slower spots. >> a live look outside, that is beautiful. call it a gold medal look over san jose. a beautiful thing. get your friday rolling on this august 3rd, this is "today in the bay." >> it is 5:30. good morning. always happy to have you along. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. how can we not begin with the summer olympics. a live look at london where a new torch passed in women's gymnastics. a golden after glow for gabby douglas t 16-year-old now crowned the women's all around champion. douglas acted much older than her years putting together four steady confident performances
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that seals her place in gymnastics history. she is the first african-american to hold that honor and to win olympic gymnastics gold. the first woman to hold that dominique dawes couldn't contain her excite am tweeting out i'm going to have a heart time falling asleep. still on cloud 9 for gabby douglas. joining the chorus, oprah winfrey tweeted omg i'm so thrill forward gabby. flowing happy tears. >> tweets from all over. plenty of accolades for michael phelps. he continues his golden streak with his latest duel in the pool. phelps and lochte side by side. phelps taking that gold, edging lochte close behind for the silver. and phelps is not done. he has two more events to go. he could rack up more medals for his history in the making. coming up at 5:45, raj mathai,
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reports live from london with a preview of what will hopefully be phelps' grand finale. >> b.a.r.t. is loosening up its rules and could make your commute more cramped. christie smith is live in oakland where for the first time people can bring their pike bikes on trains. >> good morning. this may end up being the opposite of friday light. b.a.r.t. is conducting an experiment. every friday in august they are allowing people to bring bicycles on the train into the stations, what's different is you can do that during the peak hours. you have a chance. b.a.r.t. is seeking feedback from commuters how this works. they have a series of questions on line, about five of them. that could end up loosening the rules for how bikes are allowed on b.a.r.t. bikes are not allowed in the commute direction 7 to 9 in the
5:31 am
morning and cycling hats grown more popular b.a.r.t. is easing restrictions. this is a first. >> you see a lot of potential and that's part of the reason we're doing the pilot to see if it works if we can accommodate bikes and two, do we see more passengers and more folks with their bikes. >> reporter: now, one thing to note is that b.a.r.t. is not adding more trains during this whole thing they are putting on so it may be quite crowded depending how it goes. they expect to curveball the number of naem bring bikes on the train. there are four in the east bay. you can leave your bikes there. again this is every friday in august and if you want to weigh in on it you can go to >> just in the july jobs report has been released to business
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and tech reporter scott mcgrew has the numbers and doing what he is great at he explains what they mean. >> earlier i had said that don't break out the party hats and the horns. maybe one tiny little toot of a horn. 163,000 jobs were added in the month of july, that is far more than expected. and that is slightly good news. like i said, one little toot of the horn. the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%. as i have said this is a number you can ignore. a tenth of a percent one way or the other doesn't make that much of a difference. the unemployment rate is actually a phone survey, somebody uses the phone to say are you employed, are you looking for a job. it's statistically fairly good but not a number you need to worry too much about compared to the 163,000 jobs gained which is the biggest gain since last
5:33 am
february. politicians of course will pounce on this latest jobs report. coming up we'll have a live report from washington with a look at what today's numbers will mean for president obama, his challenger governor romney as well on the campaign trail. >> a little toot of the horn better than a wa-wa. give us something to cheer about. >> and the fog horn sounds more wa-wa. it's out there this morning. you'll hear that on the coastline. a lot of fog out there. and throughout bay area as well, san francisco bay filled with clouds. by about 9:00 the marine layer will push out to sea. beautiful, beautiful sun rise shaping up. we continue that futurecast, stop it at noon today, mostly clear all the way across the greater bay area. even some breakup of that marine
5:34 am
layer so we're going to see a nice day. carrying in the cool ocean breeze. and whaels we get to benefit from when it comes to the onshore flow. good air quality across the board. open up the windows, breathe it in today. you might not need to run your ac if you can bear 89 degrees. 79, that's what we expect in places like oakland, 68 degrees at the coast and temperatures are going to drop off even more into the weekend so i'll take you through that forecast, stay tuned for that. if you've got to get out the door mike is here to help. >> construction crews should start clearing. this is between 37 and at is son avenue. we do see slowing north thereof so that might abdistraction. the orange on my map, this mean there is is fog in the area. highway 1 on the left and 101
5:35 am
through petaluma. may be a bit of an issue but no surprises here. we'll see how things are coming up. i wanted to explain the flashing lights. the crew is moving the cones. just some phones, moving it for the kmorning commute for the morning drive in to the city. live look outside shows you a smooth drive for fremont 880 southbound with all of these headlights past the struck scales and no problems between the dumb parten and the san mateo bridge. we'll look to the san mateo bridge. south i meant west. westbound 92. no delays along the peninsula. >> the internal compass is working. buster floyd mayweather now a free man after serving two months of a three-month
5:36 am
sentence. he greeted family and friends including his 12-year-old daughter. mayweather was jailed after pleading guilty to attacking his former girlfriend in front of their young children. >> 5:38. coming up an olympic comeback story out of berkeley. >> a live look outside, keeping our guys on the morning commute. giving us all sorts of viewpoints from the bay area.
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>> 5:40. as the situation in syria intensifies united nations has schedule add crucial vote for today. the new resolution would condemn both the assad government's use of heavy weapons and the u.n. security council's failure to agree on measures to stop the
5:39 am
violence. the vote come as day after kofi annan resigned as peace envoy to syria. he said he cannot do his job when members of the 15-nation security council don't support his role. >> now to decision 2012. and the impact today's jobs report, a little positivity to talk about. how it will affect the race to the white house. >> we turn to brian mooar live on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: breaking news from the labor department. the latest labor numbers, july's jobs report 163,000 jobs added. better than the 100,000 expected but the unemployment rate picks up from 8.2 to 8.3%. that is bad symbolism for president obama. the president has been trying to make the case that the economy, though in low gear, is still moving forward. mitt romney sure to hammer the
5:40 am
president later today on these numbers which can best be described as many somewhat lackluster. at least it wasn't like last m. expected 100,000 new jobs, up around 80,000. so today doing about half again as good as expected. certainly something the president will be trumpeting but this is going to be a long log, the president will say that, mitt romney will say that later today. again, the u.s. economy moving forward but at a creep. back to you. >> thank you, brian. >> back to the summer olympic games and we take you across the pond. we can take you there. a live look at that torch. but right now it's going to be a big night for a bay area olympic swimmer. >> anthony ervin will swim in the 50 meter freestyle. back to raj mathai live in london. really one of a kind in and out of the water. >> reporter: i love this story. i think it's one of the best
5:41 am
stories of all of team usa. you talked about anthony ervin. you might remember in the 2000 sydney olympics 12 years ago he won a gold. he took that gold medal and sold it on ebay with the proceeds he donated the money to charity. that's the kind of guy he is. anthony ervin, in oakland everybody calls him coach tony. he coaches a lot of inner city kids. he is a phenomenal guy in terms what if he does, tonight looking for a gold medal. he says he is a minimalist, doesn't have many belongings, doesn't even have an apartment or house yet. he likes his guitar and he likes the swimming pool. anthony ervin, coach tony, tonight in the water in the 50 freestyle. here is someone not a minimalist, michael phelps. he's got 20 medals and will be in the pool again looking for medal 21 in the 100 butterfly. last night he won the gold in the 200 individual medley.
5:42 am
so michael phelps continues to roll along. how about gabby douglas, 16, capturing the imagination and hearts of a lot of people. not just back in the u.s. but here also in london. gabby wins the gold medal in the all around competition in the individuals for gymnastics. at 14 she heft her family and friends in virginia, moved to iowa for a better training facility and it paid off. she's grown up before our eyes by winning the gold. >> i definitely knew that i would be the one or two, and it was exciting. it was an exciting moment. >> reporter: she is so sweet. by the way, we mentioned earlier. gabby douglas, the last name, if you rearrange the letters it spells usa gold. it has to be meant to be it we tried to rearrange the letters
5:43 am
for garcia-cannon. >> we'll play words with friends later. >> raj mathai, the cerebral reporting. how do you figure these out blows my mind but we love it. >> reporter: all right, guys. >> it's been fun out there. the energy of sweet gabby douglas, how can you not springboard off of that. gabby. >> thanks, raj. you know, to check out all of raj's updates all day, he's also on twitter as well, follow him @raj mathai. he's getting a chance to meet those great olympians. >> loving every minute of it bringing it to us. right now we're going to bring you weather. christina loren is here. >> let's bring you into your weekend with gorgeous conditions. good morning to you. as you get up, have that coffee, i want to show you what the sky over sunol look likes. mostly cloudy conditions there.
5:44 am
san jose, we are getting a nice clear start. take a look at this beautiful sun rise over the city. we have mid level clouds a few high wispy clouds. none of those low clouds yet. that will likely be the case probably 6:00 to 8:00 this morning. temperatures are crisp. 57 degrees in oakland and napa, 54 in san francisco. and yes, pat yourself on the back, you made it to friday. winds are going to make for a comfortable second half of the day into the weekend as they amplify. we saw the clock at 6:00, becoming breezy at that point. teen 20 miles per hour sustained winds so. what that means if you want to have a barbecue it's going to be comfortable. that breeze is out of the west ocean air, making for a really nice evening. and tomorrow we're going to get the same thing. cooler weather as high pressure starts to weaken and move to the east with a dip in the jet stream. so it stays nice just about all
5:45 am
weekend long inland we had to deal with 90s, upper 90s yesterday. take a look at the difference. 79 in los gatos and temperatures tumble as we head through tomorrow. down to 82 degrees, then we level out a bit sunday into tuesday. no extremes, no records. maybe some thunderstorms. we'll tell you where coming up. next week looks like friday and saturday could be active. here is mike. >> thunderstorms, going to get excited now. looking to the south bay nothing exciting, great news for morning commute. north of 680 with the sensors showing slowing. the volume of traffic starting to bump up. look at all of these folks and the metering lights, there they go, showing slowing getting off on the surface streets. a live look out through fremont,
5:46 am
880 past the gates. both directions move north of mission boulevard. the volume picks up so we're going to see slowing around that san mateo bridge interchange. back to the maps we're showing you a smooth drive. it's westbound so you have speeds where it's orange into the 40s and 50s, then closer to 60 where it's yellow. pretty much clearing before you get to the interchange. all of a sudden we have folks slamming on the brakes. no incidents reported but i'm tracking this because this is unusual. back to you. >> another pipeline scare for the san bruno neighborhood wiped out by a fire ball a few years ago a. contract ser apologizing after a construction cruise hit a gas line in nearly the same place where pg&e's pipeline exploded. the contractor admits that workers did not follow rules required before digging
5:47 am
underground. for people who live in the area the ordeal brought back painful memories. the line was capped within a half hour. >> it's a bitter tend to a charity bike ride. three riders say they rode into san francisco to have their van broken into. thieves took lap tops, ipads and gps devices and dozens of pictures of their charity ride. >> coming flew all of the other states and cities it seems weird we got robbed twice in one day. seems like they don't care as much as maybe other places. kind of hurt as little bit having our end destination not so much welcoming party. >> that is rough. the team has covered more than 4,000 miles raisinging money and awareness for the graves disease
5:48 am
and thyroid foundation a. fire outside of a los gatos apartment complex was no accident. the fire burned three cars and several trees. this all started about 6:00 last night. near the los gatos border with saratoga. nobody was hurt but several apartments had to be evacuated. the fire didn't reach the units and firefighters say yes, the fire does remain suspicious. >> coming up protesters tell chick-fil-a to kiss off. >> how about a kiss cam. we'll do that. >> a live look outside the golden gate bridge. you see some of the fog settling in. christina loren says it's going to blow out of there. it's friday. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you,
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>> london 2012. we're celebrating your olympic summer games here on nbc bay area, taking a live look outside at the olympic caldron burning brightly. breaking news, was just delivered to our newsroom, we're going to have olympic medalist ryan lochte live. live in our 6:00 hour. ry ryan lochte live. >> ryan lochte. good stuff. another protest is planned outside chick-fil-a. lining up the chicken sandwiches part of the appreciation day. people were showing support for the company's ceo who has been
5:52 am
criticized for his statement supporting traditional marriage. that set off a national fire storm that includes big city mayors calling for chick-fil-a boycotts and san francisco mayor ed lee threatening to ban the chain from a city. today gay rights supporters who say they will hold a same-sex kiss day at chick-fil-a locations. at this point it's not clear if they will get the same turnout as wednesday's. chick-fil-a is not revealing specific numbers but the company says it was a record day for sales. >> it is gadget friday and scott mcgrew is showing off his own kiss cam. maybe we should save this for ryan lochte. >> i'll make it quick so there is plenty of ryan time. whatever you want it to be. you're familiar with go pro. this is the first serious challenger we have seen to go pro. it's the ion air pro. it's a personal video camera. you stick it on your helmet or
5:53 am
bike or the end of your surf board and you can take video. it's also waterproof as is. go pros need a special case to be waterproof. here is video shot with the air pro. going around. >> is this that super man ride. >> yes. this is how ryan lochte makes you feel. it has wireless connectivity between the camera and your mobile device so you can make sure the shot you're getting is the one you want by checking your iphone. then you can upload the video from the camera to the iphone right on to youtube and you can do it from the field f. you have a good run down the ski hill or whatever, it can be on youtube in a minute or two. >> stores digitally. >> digitally. there is a memory chip in the back. full hd with a fish eye lens so you can capture yourself doing something cool. >> very cool. like that. thanks. >> a good excuse to get out.
5:54 am
5:55 now. time for i think we're checking on weather. we have a forecast outside to see. >> not just ryan lochte bringing the heat later on that's coming up around the corner. hopefully he'll bring his grill. it's going to get hot. 89 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. 79 bayside and the best conditions across the entire bay area yet again will be felt closest to the coastline so a great beach day. temperatures drop off substantially as of tomorrow. first, let's see how the drive is shaping up. >> shaping up better. road crews have cleared. we'll give you live looks, oakland 880, the volume starting to pick up but the speeds holding from the coliseum up into the downtown. this is an a's game, a's versus jays. a live look shows you across the bay, westbound the taillights move from the hayward side across the san mateo bridge without delay to the peninsula.
5:55 am
haze but visibility is okay so far. another live shot shows you palo alto 101 northbound with headlights past university. that shopping center there. smooth flow of traffic. southbound at this spot about university clogs up in the morning because construction crew arrives about 8:30. folks shift to the left. just a note. back to you. >> i'm tweeting this out because coming up next ryan lochte live at 6:00 a.m. don't go anywhere. >> you are floating on air. >> he doesn't disappoint. >> how could he. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week get whole seedless watermelons fresh off the farm for only $2.98 each. skip the warehouse. 24 rolls of charmin are just $11.99.
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and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
5:57 am
>> very exciting. it was an exciting moment. >> golden all over again. the girl with that million dollar smile capturing hearts and making history at the london olympic games.
5:58 am
>> a rough ending to an overnight chase in the east bay. what happened that sent sparks flying. >> plus, a more crowded commute for b.a.r.t. riders. why cyclists are now allowed to bring their wheels on board. >> we're kicking off the weekend with a cooldown. temperatures dropping from the 90s to the 80s inland. 70s bay side. 60s at the coast. more change on the way. we'll take you through the forecast. >> as we ease you into your friday commute i'll show you where the latest slowing is. unexpected for the south bay. >> taking a live look outside, look at that. you made to the friday morning. it's august 3, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we start with the london 2012 games and yes, another huge night in the pool between michael phelps and ryan lochte.
5:59 am
speaking of ryan lochte, this woman next to me, raj, i got to tell you, laura has been fixing her hair getting ready for ryan >> we're happy to see you too, raj. >> reporter: how do you know i haven't been fixing my hair. he is here now. joining us live. congratulations. before we get into anything happy birthday, dude. >> thank you. i'm a big 28. >> how do you like it? you're here, you wake up, win five medals. it's your birthday. going okay for you. >> it's going really good. i think this is the first time in like ten years where i get to celebrate my birthday and i don't have to swim. >> two golds, two silver and a bronze. what does it mean. you've gone through so much in the pool and outside of the pool. what does it mean? >> it definitely means a lot. yeah, i wanted all gold, i mean who wouldn't. but i'm coming back to my


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